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February 6

posted Feb 6, 2013, 6:08 AM by Peter Knowles   [ updated Feb 6, 2013, 10:25 AM ]
Day 8--

We're nearing the end of this assessment cycle, which means it's a good time to see how all your assignments are going. 

Take this
 short survey to evaluate how things are going so far this semester. (NOTE: You'll need to access your Skyward grades and your Google Drive while completing the survey, so you might want to open those up now). 

Summative Assessments are on the way:
FRIDAY, February 8 - Open note multiple choice test to assess your knowledge and awareness of historical information in this unit.
MONDAY, February 11 -- Written assessment (essay) due, answering the following question:

How did government decisions and actions have an impact on the Age of Exploration?

Standard: Civics 2.3 Understand government's role in the economy. Classroom Focus: Chapter 6

Big picture: Write a response to the question above to show how well you understand Civics Standard 2.3 Use a clear and inviting introduction as well as strong organization to lead your reader through your response. Include multiple examples from class and from your own investigations to support your thesis. Provide citations to show where all your information came from along with a complete and accurate reference list. Use standard academic English writing to present your ideas.

To begin your preparation for this assessment, it's time to review the assignments you've been doing to see how government decisions played a role in the events of this time period. 
Ask yourself these questions:
  1. Which European nations (governments) were most active during the Age of Exploration?
  2. What government policies (decisions) had the greatest impact on the events of the Age of Exploration?
  3. Which specific leaders' decisions had an impact on the way the Age of Exploration developed?
  4. What developments in trade patterns (economy) and policies (government decisions) made the greatest impact on the time period?
  5. Which vocabulary terms from the unit relate most directly to government policies (decisions) or actions?
HOMEWORK: Any missing assignments from this unit.