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January 17

posted Jan 17, 2013, 6:15 AM by Peter Knowles
As we now know, Marco Polo's journeys to China became an inspiration for many others who followed him in history. The movie we watched mentioned Christopher Columbus, but there were many other explorers who sought out new lands in the years after Marco Polo. In today's assignment, you'll have a chance to learn a bit about one of these people and prepare materials we can continue to use as we complete our next unit. 

Here's what you need to do:

1) Go the Explorers' Page at the Age of Exploration exhibit of the Mariners' Museum.
2) CHOOSE ONE of the explorers listed there. But make sure the person you choose lived and explored AFTER Marco Polo but BEFORE 1800 CE. 
3) Use the link to your chosen explorer to learn about his life and voyages. 
4) Create a Google Doc Presentation (Go to Drive, click Create > Presentation) to explain details of your chosen explorer's life and work. 
Information on these pages will vary, but your completed presentation should include most of the following items:
    a) Basic biographical information (Name, life-dates, home country)
    b) Primary goal(s)
    c) Achievement(s)
    d) Routes (consider linking to the "Voyage routes" page, as well as describing them)
    e) Image of the person 
    f)  Tools and/or ships used by your explorer
    g) A summary of his greatest voyage, or a representative voyage
    h) Links to more information from other sources about your person 
5) Include a link to your information source for the information you include on each slide.

Finished presentations should have at least 5 different slides; Here's a sample of how you MIGHT organize yours. 
Choose the background/theme to fit your tastes.

Turn in your presentation to the Daily Work DropBox when done.