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February 12

posted Feb 12, 2013, 5:36 AM by Peter Knowles
Day 12--

Yesterday you had your unit test on the Age of Exploration. 
Today you have time to work on your written assessment for the unit. 
It's due today (Tuesday, Feb 12) at midnight.

Use a well-organized, essay format with citations to answer this question: 

How did government decisions and actions have an impact on the Age of Exploration?

Links to help you write this assessment:
  • Assessment outline, to help you get organized
  • Assessment scoring rubric, to show you how it will be graded
  • Citation help, to make sure you cite your sources correctly
  • Reference help, to help you with your list of references/Works Cited
  • Organizing your paragraphs
  • Vocabulary terms you might want to use in your assessment (be sure to highlight them when you use them)
    •  Melaka (196)
    • Treaty of Tordesillas (197)
    • Conquistadors (198)
    • Encomienda (199)
    •  colony (204)
    •  mercantilism (204)
    • balance of trade (204)
    •  triangular trade (206)
    • Middle Passage (206)
    • Peninsulares (208)
    • Creoles (208)
    • Mestizos (208)
    • Mulattoes (208)
    • Mita (209)
Note: These are terms that were assigned during the unit that have some connection with government decisions and actions. If you use them, be sure to use them in ways that make those connections clear.