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August 31

posted Aug 31, 2012, 5:57 AM by Peter Knowles
Vocabulary terms to learn & know: Today we begin with a quiz over how well you understand the terms from yesterday's class: prehistory, domestication, and nomadic

Last night's homework was to begin a personal history timeline with 5 significant events from your life. You should have already identified those events and illustrated them on your timeline sheet. Now it's time to finish the timeline.
1) First, write the year you were born in the small box at the left of your timeline
2) Then, write the current year (2012) in the small box at the right
3) Next, find the middle of your timeline by dividing your current age by 2. Add the result to the first year, and write the year above or below the line marking the middle of your timeline. This marks the halfway point of your timeline, and the halfway point of your life so far.
4) Now it's time to label the years for your 5 events. To the best of your ability, figure out the year when each of your events took place and write it neatly in or near the box where your event appears. 
5) Once you have the year for each event identified, it's time to connect them to the timeline. Find the approximate location on your timeline where the event would have occurred. You've already marked the middle year of your timeline to help do this, but it sometimes helps to divide that line again, into quarters, or even smaller, to find the year you're looking for. 
6) When you know where to connect each event to the timeline, draw a neat line between the event's illustration and the correct spot on the timeline. Repeat this for each of your events. 
7) Take a few minutes to tidy up your work and make it look nice. Be ready to discuss your timeline with others, or turn it in, depending on the time available.

Choose 5 events from your life that are significant and that you don't mind sharing with others in class. Name and illustrate them on the 5 squares on the timeline sheet. We'll complete the timeline in class tomorrow by accurately connecting your events to the proper places on the timeline

Yesterday you were introduced to the four major filters of the Social Studies known as Strands:
  • Civics -- How people live in relation to each other 
  • Economics -- How people meet their daily needs 
  • Geography -- How people live in relation to their surroundings 
  • History -- How events are related to each other in time.
Today we'll finish class by watching a video on the history of Domestication. As you watch, use a piece of scratch paper to take notes on the video, making note of any information that you find interesting OR that seems to fit any one of the Four Strands.