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August 30

posted Aug 30, 2012, 5:33 AM by Peter Knowles
Vocabulary terms to learn & know: prehistory, domestication, nomadic

In this class, we will often talk about events using different filters, or lenses, to understand things from different perspectives. Today our goal is to start understanding and using the four major filters of the Social Studies known as Strands:
  • Civics -- How people live in relation to each other 
  • Economics -- How people do to meet their daily needs 
  • Geography -- How people live in relation to their surroundings 
  • History -- How events are related to each other in time
You'll be reading a short passage about early humans and the development of the earliest civilizations. As you read, look for examples of each of the four strands in the reading to help you understand how they relate to each other, and how they have an impact on the lives we live, even today.

Homework: Personal History Timeline
Choose 5 events from your life that are significant and that you don't mind sharing with others in class. Name and illustrate them on the 5 squares on the timeline sheet. We'll complete the timeline in class tomorrow by accurately connecting your events to the proper places on the timeline.