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April 19

posted Apr 19, 2013, 6:05 AM by Peter Knowles
Day 52--

You have your open-note test on Monday, so today we'll do a bit of review in class to organize your work, review some key concepts and ideas, and see if you're prepared for the test.

Yesterday you had to identify a person from the unit based on a short description. We'll return to those a little later this period, but before we do, you'll do a similar thing with the key vocabulary terms from the unit. 

Today you'll get a slip of paper with a single vocabulary term (and page number citation) on it. Your job is to write a clear, readable, understandable, definition in Your Own Words, Please (YOWP!) on the back. Use your memory or assignments if you can; use the book if you must. 

Trade in your definition for a BINGO sheet and follow the instructions there to prepare for the next part of class. 
If you finish with those instructions before everyone else has finished their definitions, you might test your knowledge of ALL the vocabulary terms by turning the BINGO sheet over and seeing how many of the terms you know. Feel free to write your own definitions (you can use this sheet as part of your notes on Monday).

When ready to play BINGO, listen to the instructions and follow along. See how well you know the people that you'll be tested on when the test comes around. 

Here are a few other ways to review and prepare (Note: Mr Knowles didn't make these so there are some items that we didn't cover in this class, but there's enough overlap for you to make good use of them).

Textbook Study Central
Chapter 10 Self-Check Quiz

For Monday: Have ALL your assignments (in-class, and homework) done and with you to do well on the test. 

For Tuesday: Your written assessment on the unit is due. Get a head start on it if you like.  More details and links that can help you are available here.