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Use these links to turn in your work. 
Make sure you choose the correct link depending on what you're turning in or it might not get graded correctly.
These links are currently inactive. 
If you still have work to turn in, share it directly with Mr Knowles via email by using the "Add People" link and entering peter.knowles@whitesalmonschools.org in that space. 
Don't forget to give Mr Knowles editing privileges.

 1 ) Formative 2) Summative 3) ReGrade
Use the Daily Work Dropbox 
for daily classroom assignmentshomework, or other formative assessments.
For major reportsunit essays, and other summative assessments use the Assessment Dropbox.
For work that was already graded but now you've worked on it some more and are turning in again for a new grade use the ReGrade Dropbox
Mr Knowles will receive email updates for all three boxes, but the questions and requirements are different for each, so make sure you choose the right one for the assignment you're turning in.