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4th Gear: Scripted responses -- where we'll talk about using forms to create self-grade quizzes, and finding scripts to work for you. (or downshift back to 3rd Gear: Advanced Features)

Now it’s time to go back to the spreadsheet side of things to work with the data we’ve been collecting.  

Whenever you collect data from a form, it ends up in a spreadsheet, which means you can use all the tools available in the spreadsheet to manage the data once you have it. If you haven’t worked with Google spreadsheets before but know your way around Microsoft Excel, you’ll do fine with the regular formula options. But there’s another aspect of the Forms/Spreadsheet connection that you may find a little different, and more than a little helpful.

Under the Tools option on the menubar you’ll find three options dealing with Scripts. It’s time to see what they can do.

To get started, click on the Script gallery option to see what this is all about.

You’ll see a pop-up window with a series of categories down the left and a window of short descriptions on the right. These are scripts written by other users of Google Spreadsheets that you can use in yours. There are countless options available to you, and you can browse through them by category if you like, or search for a particular script based on what you are looking for. Or you can give the top 5 I’ve found a try.

1)     MCQ tests: email score & correction “Create a quiz with Google Form and send score & correction, for each participant, by email, right away or at a chosen time.” Created by

2)     FlubarooFlubaroo is a free, easy to use tool that allows teachers to quickly grade and analyze assignments. For more, visit (Version 3.11)” from

3)     Add Reminder “You have a spreadsheet full of deadlines ? Use this script to receive email reminders before those deadlines.” From

4)     FormMule “A work animal, the formMule is a flexible email, calendar, SMS, and voice merge utility for use with Google Spreadsheet and/or Form data.” From

5) Doctopus V4.3.3 (2/24/14) “Doctopus is a helper app for managing and rubric scoring student work in Google Docs. Improved workflow for sharing, organizing, tracking, feedback.” Also has a plug-in script called Goobric to help score and record scores using a rubric.From

Each script you find will have different requirements, instructions, and varying levels of help available. Some of the more complete solutions (Doctopus, Flubaroo, Goobric) are also more complex and involved, but they offer lots of online resources, videos, etc. to help you out. When you choose to try one out, you'll need to click the "Install" button, then agree to any permissions that the script will need to function. Once it's installed, you can use the Tools > Script Editor to see how it functions. (Depending on your knowledge of Javascript, you'll understand what's going on, or be completely confused.)

You can also tinker with the scripts you find in the script gallery, or even write your own if you have that skill set. Or, you can use the online help forums to solicit script solutions for your needs. I've had great luck getting personalized solutions here.

Scripts are powerful tools to help you accomplish your goals, but we'll leave them for now with this short overview and press on to 5th Gear: Branching Forms