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Working lunch

As their name implies, working lunches take place at lunch time and they are devoted to work – your work.

There are two basic types of students at working lunches:

  • Drop-ins: You are always welcome (and encouraged) to drop in for extra help, additional work time, make up for work missed for absences or tardies, or to show your efforts at learning before resubmitting a graded assessment.
  • Assigned: At times, you may be assigned to attend a working lunch. Although you are required to attend these, their purpose is the same; to help you learn. This may be because you have shown a pattern of missed formative assessments, or you’ve missed a recent summative (graded) assessment deadline. 
NOTE: Students who miss the assigned deadline for any summative assessment must attend each available working lunch until the assessment has been turned in.

Either way, come prepared to work through lunch. Bring your lunch (the only time you are allowed to eat in class!) and be prepared to work the entire time.