May 1

posted Apr 30, 2012, 2:40 PM by Peter Knowles   [ updated May 1, 2012, 6:10 AM ]
Questions about last night's homework? Keep them until tomorrow when Mr Knowles returns. If you're happy with your answers and are ready to hand them in, then put them in the DropBox (if you did it online) or hand in (if you did it on paper). 

Yesterday we talked about how to find current information about your topic and you had a chance to try things out. 

Today you may continue your research, looking for any information that will help you understand and explain the topic you've chosen. Be sure to keep close track of the information you get (recorded accurately, of course) along with URLs for where you found the information. 

***By the end of the period, make sure you share the notes you've taken so far with Mr Knowles by putting a link to your copy of Civil Rights Assessment (or whatever document you're using to keep track of your notes) in the DropBox.

If you're still trying to understand the meaning and importance of your chosen topic, the following links might help:

If you want to look for information about past court cases, here are a couple good sources:
Or use a direct Google Search using the name of your research focus in quotation marks (such as "freedom of speech") along with "Supreme Court"

HOMEWORK:  None tonight unless you've missed some along the way. Get caught up if you need to.