May 4

posted May 4, 2012, 4:45 AM by Peter Knowles
Today is the day your Civil Rights assessment is due. Turn it in to the class DropBox by midnight to meet the deadline. 

Here's Checklist to make sure you've completed everything that you need to earn a strong score:
Did you....
  • Include a clear and inviting INTRODUCTION paragraph?
  • Finish your introduction with a clear THESIS STATEMENT?
  • Discuss the PAST of your chosen topic, including:
    • the philosophy behind your topic (why people have thought it was a good thing to have)?
    • the constitutional basis for your topic (where it appears -- or is implied -- in the Constitution)?
    • the legal history of your topic (what court cases have tested or helped define your topic through the years)?
  • Discuss the PRESENT of your chosen topic, including:
    • recent news items that pose new questions about your topic?
    • current issues that may test our current understanding of this topic?
  • Present your own ideas about the FUTURE, of how your topic will exist in years to come?
  • Include CITATIONS to show where every piece of outside information came from, using correct citation formats?
  • Include a clear CONCLUSION paragraph that smoothly closes out your writing?
  • Provide a full and correctly formatted REFERENCE LIST that shows all sources used?
Use today's class time (and afterward if necessary) to complete this assignment. Ask for help when you need it. 

Good luck!