May 2

posted May 2, 2012, 5:39 AM by Peter Knowles
Yesterday you had a chance to collect more information about your chosen topic. (You were supposed to share your research so far by putting a link in the class DropBox, too, but most of you didn't. Do so now if you didn't yesterday).

You should be making some real progress by now, with many different sources now located and being used. So today's a great day to start organizing the sources you've chosen into a correctly formatted, formal, organized list of references.

Here's how:

The note at the end of the Civil Rights Assessment where you've been collecting your notes says:
Keep track of the references you use as you go along by typing out full reference information below. You can find formatting help at the Online Writing Lab at Purdue University.
Today, you'll create a correct and complete reference for at least ONE of the sources you will use in your assessment. (If you can do one correctly, you should be able to do the rest, right?)

Follow the instructions at the Online Writing Lab to create a correctly formatted reference for one of your existing sources, using either the APA or the MLA format for your reference. Whichever one you choose to use, follow the instructions to make your reference 100% correct, then share it with Mr. Knowles in the Class DropBox. Then, remember to use the same format for all your references in the reference list for your assessment.
Once you're done with your one, required reference, you can keep creating them for your other sources or continue with your research.

DUE DATE CHANGE: This research assessment will be due this Friday, May 4, at midnight.

Homework tonight: Keep collecting research; if you're done researching by tomorrow you can turn all your attention to writing your assessment in class.