May 17

posted May 17, 2012, 5:18 AM by Peter Knowles
Any questions about last night's homework? If so, let's talk about them. If not, turn it in by putting it in the Class DropBox, or handing in if you did it on paper. 

Today you'll have a chance to see what kinds of services are provided by your county government.  
Open a Google Template document called "County Services"Using the link and instructions there, and, if you wish, a partner, find the information requested. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully, including the part about shortening the URL for all your answers. 

Share your completed assignment in the Class DropBox when finished.

HOMEWORK: When finished, you may want to get started on tonight's homework:
Chapter 25.2: Financing State Government. Read/preview pages 667-671 and answer question #1 on pg 671. Put definitions in your own words, please.