March 1

posted Mar 1, 2012, 5:59 AM by Peter Knowles
Today we look at the Formal Amendment process. 

Use the textbook to fill in the blanks on the Formal Amendment Review (you'll find it in the Google Docs Templates, or get a paper copy if you prefer). 

If you finish before the rest of the class, take a few moments to visit one or more of these links to learn more about the kinds of ideas that have been suggested as amendments to the Constitution. As you review them, look for an idea  
(a) that you agree with, 
(b) that you disagree with, and 
(c) that  puzzles you (why would anyone want such an idea added to the Constitution???) 

HOMEWORK: The Informal Amendment -- Read pages 65-67. Then answer questions 1-4 on page 67. Be ready at the start of class tomorrow.