February 9

posted Feb 9, 2012, 5:36 AM by Peter Knowles
Appetizer: Last night's homework -- Do you have any questions? If so, let's talk about them. If not, then it's time for a QUIZ

Main Course: Chapter review: Working by yourself at first, then, after a few minutes, with a partner, see how much you can remember about the information we've dealt with so far in class. Score yourself on each question based on how confident you are about your answers. 

Dessert: If you finish the worksheet and have a few minutes left, take a look at the CIA World Factbook's page on types of government. You'll find the types discussed in last night's homework, along with many, many others. The page begins with that list, then lists all the recognized nations of the world, showing the type of government each nation has. Use the list to find at least one of each type of government from last night's homework [HINT: Use Ctrl + F to search the page for what you want to find]
  • 3 basic forms of government based on geographic distribution of power 
  • 2 types of gov’t based on relationship between legislative and executive branch 
  • 2 types of government based on the number of people who can participate 
Write the nations you find, with labels, on the back of your Chapter Review sheet.

HOMEWORK: Read pages 15-18, and answer the questions below as you read. Be sure that your answers are complete, showing the subject of the question as well as your answer. And don't forget to show the page numbers where you found your information.
a. Compromise (17)
b. Anarchy (17)
a. What are the two kinds of equality that democracy insist upon? (16)
b. Why must minority rights be balanced with majority rule? (17)
c. Why is compromise such an important concept within democracy? (17)
d. Which individual rights are given the highest value in democracy? (18)
Peter Knowles,
Feb 9, 2012, 5:36 AM