February 22

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Now that you've made your choice of topics for your first assessment, you'll begin looking at some ideas related to what the textbook has to say on the subject. Follow the appropriate link from the table below to a page at Wikipedia on your topic. Use information there to gain a broader understanding of your choice, to take notes (if you think you'll need them) for your assessment, and to create a reference entry for the page. See "Researching with Wikipedia" and "Cite this page" on the left hand side of your Wikipedia page. 

 Basic Concepts of Democracy Wikipedia   
A recognition of the fundamental worth of every person (15)  Individualism
A respect for the equality of all persons (16)  Equality
A faith in majority rule accompanied by respect for minority rights (17)  Majority rule and Minority rights
An acceptance of the necessity of compromise (17)  Compromise
An insistence upon the widest possible degree of individual freedom (17)   Civil liberties

Look for a variety of information about your chosen topic, including:
  • The historical background for your concept (Where did it come from? How has it changed over the years?)
  • Similar concepts to your concept (What is it like? What else is it called? What are its opposites?)
  • Examples of how it works today (How do people use it / see it today? What are major news trends or ideas related to it?)
Find out what you can, take notes, and discuss your ideas with others in your group. Then, when class is coming to a close, answer this short questionnaire

NEXT: Use World Book Online (http://www.worldbookonline.com/advanced/home  username: esd112, password: worldbook112) to find more information about your topic.