April 26

posted Apr 26, 2012, 5:14 AM by Peter Knowles   [ updated Apr 26, 2012, 5:28 AM ]
Today we'll get started on the upcoming assessment:

UNIT Assessment: DUE May 3

Google Doc Template called "Civil Rights Assessment" can help you collect and organize your research as you get started.

FIRST: CHOOSE ONE of the civil rights introduced in this unit that you feel is important to protect for future generations, and that you may feel is in danger of being undermined. You could choose an entire amendment from the Bill of Rights (2nd Amendment, for example) or part of an amendment (the right to an attorney, for example, as part of the 6th Amendment) or a right that doesn't actually appear in the Bill of Rights (right to privacy, for example). 

Key resources to help you choose your topic:

NEXT: You'll need to conduct some research to understand:

1) why we have that right, 

2) how it has been challenged or upheld through the years, and 

3) what significant court cases have involved it. 

You'll also need to do some research involving what's happening:

1) right now with regard to the topic you've chosen, and then 

2) make some predictions about the future of the right you've chosen. 

THEN: Write a well-organized, academic research paper with citations and a reference list of at least 5 sources to show where your information came from. 

So today? Step One -- Choose a topic, and let Mr. Knowles what it is. (If you decide later to change it, you'll need to repeat this step). 

Once you've chosen your topic, you need to start learning about it by answering some of the questions on the Civil Rights Assessment chart. 

HOMEWORK: Equality Before the Law (21.2), pages 550-555
Level 1: Define --
1a) segregation
1b) Jim Crow laws
Level 2: Answer (in Your Own Words, Please)--
2a) How did the Brown v Board of Education reverse the earlier Plessy v Ferguson decision? (552)
2b) What is the difference between de jure and de facto segregation? (553)
2c) What kinds of distinctions can laws make between men and women? (554)