April 16

posted Apr 16, 2012, 7:01 AM by Peter Knowles
Today we will (try to) quickly wrap up the questions on religion from last week, then dive into the First Amendment issues you read about with last night's homework. If you  have any questions, let's hear them. 

We're a little bit behind on homework, but we'll catch up tonight, if you do the following before class tomorrow:

Down Arrow: Continued4. Expression & Nat’l Security (19.4)



    Assembly and Petition (19.5)


Level 1a) Espionage

1b)  Sabotage

1c) Treason

1d) Sedition

1e) Clear and Present Danger

Level 2a) How has the Supreme Court generally dealt with laws that outlaw seditious activities in times of war? (506-507)

2b) What do “Time Place & Manner” restrictions say about the right to assembly? (509)

2c) How has the right to “Freedom of Association” emerged from the1st Amendment? (511)