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May 6

posted May 6, 2013, 5:28 AM by Peter Knowles   [ updated May 6, 2013, 10:41 AM ]
Day 62--

Learning Target ImageWhat will I be able to do when I've finished this lesson?How will I  accomplish this task?  How will I show that I have done this?How well will I have to do this?
 I will be able to understand how state governments collect money to pay for the services they provide.I will use the textbook to learn about the many different ways states collect funds to pay for their budget items. I will turn in my assignment at the end of class.This is a formative assessment and will help me with my summative assessments in this assessment cycle.

On Thursday, we looked at what services state governments provide and how they provide them. We saw that each state has its own budget priorities, and provides many different services to its residents. 

Today, we'll see where the money comes from to help provide those services. 
The Citizen's Guide to the Budget online that you looked at last week shows where Washington finds its funding (see pages 3, and 17-19 to learn about Washington State's taxation system )
Why is Alaska's per capita tax rate so high? 
*See the pie chart on page 7 (page number 2 of text) of
And for more detailed information about Washington State's taxes and other revenue sources, see the full fiscal notes at
*State of Washington's lottery funds: Where does the money go?

But what about other states and possibilities?

To learn about the range of possible funding sources, open this fill-in-the-blank outline, based on pages 667-671 of your textbook. As you read, fill in the blanks with appropriate terms from the text. 

When finished, turn in your assignment to the Daily Work Dropbox. 

You have homework due tomorrow:
In the Courtroom (25.3) pages 672-674; Questions 1, 3, 4, 5

but you might also have a little more work to be done on some past assignments, including the in-class assignment from April 30 (County Questions Scavenger Hunt) or April 24 ("Get to know your elected officials"). 

If you've completed those assignments and all the rest, take a look ahead to your research assignment for this unit. Keep looking for topics that deal with state, county, regional, or local issues where government decisions have been made. Your job, in short, is to:
1. Find a topic -- an action or decision of your local government (city, county, state) that has been in the news recently
2. Learn about the background of the decision or action 
-- What was the problem? What were the options? Who was impacted by the decision?
3. Explain your opinion on the government's action or decision 
-- Was it the right one? Will it address the problems as desired? Will it cause new ones?
Your finished paper is due 5/13.