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March 1

posted Mar 1, 2013, 4:49 AM by Peter Knowles
Day 24--

Welcome to March, and the end of our mini-unit on the Constitution  Today you'll take a multiple choice test to see what you've learned about the Constitution. This is a no-notes, no-book, no-help-from-others test. So get yourself ready to show what you know about the Constitution. 

When you've finished with the test, spend some time adding a few more comments to the class discussion board on the Constitutional questions. You'll notice there's a new thread called YOUR QUESTIONS. Here's where you can add your own question about the Constitution. Choose some part of the Constitution that raises a question in your mind. Quote the actual words of the Constitution and be sure to name the Article and Section where it can be found. (Use the questions that Mr Knowles provided to guide the structure of your question.) Then submit it, just like any of your other discussion board questions. 

When you've done that, spend some time reading and responding to the questions and comments that are already there. 

Remember: you should have added comments to at least 2 different topics AND  responsed to at least 2 other students by now, for a minimum of 4 comments by now. If you haven', (and most of you haven't) then you're behind schedule.

You can find all the topics for the online discussion hereInstructions for using the forum and the scoring for your participation are also available.