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February 8

posted Feb 8, 2013, 5:39 AM by Peter Knowles
Day 10--

Today we'll finish our analogy presentations from yesterday, but before we do, let's deal with last night's homework. What questions do you have about last night's assignment, if any. Let's discuss them before you hand the assignment in. 

Then we'll finish the analogy presentations on the six principles of American constitutional democracy we started yesterday

HOMEWORK:READ Chapter 4.1 -- Federalism & Division of Power (72-80)
  1. Division of powers (74)
  2. Delegated powers (75)
  3. Reserved powers (77)
  4. Exclusive powers (78)
  5. Concurrent powers (78)
  1. What are the three kinds of powers delegated to the federal government? (75)
  2. How does the Supremacy Clause help resolve potential conflicts between the nation and the state governments? (78)
  3. What is the Supreme Court’s role in the federal system of government? (79)