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April 24

posted Apr 24, 2013, 5:42 AM by Peter Knowles   [ updated Apr 24, 2013, 5:57 AM ]
Today we begin our next unit, this one dealing with the function and importance of State and Local governments. 

To get us started, we'll take a quick tour of some websites that will help you throughout the unit. 
As you learn about the various levels of government in this unit, you'll likely return to these websites to understand current topics of interest that are not included in the textbook, and to find out how your state and local governments affect YOU in your daily life and choices.

We'll get started right away with a quick assignment to learn the names of your elected officials. Work with a partner to complete the chart called "Get to know your elected officials". 

You'll use the websites shown above as you complete this assignment, so try to get a feel for how they are organized and how you can find the information you want while using them.

Ask for help as you need it; try to finish this assignment during class, because you have other homework tonight. 

Homework tonight:

1. The State Legislatures (24.1)




The unit handout is attached below (PDF) if you need it later on
Peter Knowles,
Apr 24, 2013, 5:42 AM