September 3, 2013

posted Sep 3, 2013, 1:35 PM by Peter Knowles

You had homework last night. Do you have any questions? Let's talk about them if you do. 
(You'll need to understand last night's assignment to do today's in class activity well)

Today we'll do a little review to see how well the ideas you've been reading about and we've been discussing have stuck with you. 
Use the handout called "By the Numbers" chapter review to see what you can remember. 

Begin by trying to answer the questions by yourself; no help from others, notes, or your text.
From there, we'll keep adding resources until you have what you need to get all the answers you need. 

READ -- Chapter 1.3: Basic Concepts of Democracy (15-18)

Compromise (17)

Anarchy (17)


a.        What are the 2 kinds of equality that democracies must insist upon? (16)

b.        Why must minority rights be balanced with majority rule? (17)

c.        Why is compromise such an important concept within a democracy? (17)

d.        Which individual rights are given the highest value in a democracy, and why? (18)

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