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October 8

posted Oct 8, 2012, 5:47 AM by Peter Knowles   [ updated Oct 8, 2012, 6:20 AM ]
Homework review:

Chapter 3.2

Formally Amending the Constitution



 Amendment (60)

Formal amendment (60)

Bill of Rights (62)


a.        Why did the Framers provide for a way to amend the Constitution? (60)

b.        What are the 2 ways that a formal amendment can be proposed? (60-61)

c.        What are the 2 ways that a formal amendment can be ratified? (60-61)

d.        How does the amendment process reflect the idea of federalism? (60-61)

And now... more about amendments--

Today in class you'll be able to work with a partner to see what the amendment process is like. 
Choose a partner to work with, then decide which one of you will download a Google Drive Template called "Amendments". 
After downloading one copy of the template, use the Share button in the upper right to share a copy with your partner. 
This way, you can both work on the same document at the same time.

Once you've shared the document, work together to answer the questions there. You'll notice that most questions have a <Hint> link following each question. Decide with your partner if you'd like to use those links, or, for a little more challenge, if you'd like to find the answers on your own. Either way, use information you find on the Internet to answer each question. (There is no link shown for the last question; you should know the answer to that one by the time you get there.) 

Put your completed version of the assignment in the Dropbox when done, and turn your attention then to tonight's homework assignment (due Wednesday) or to the upcoming Essay that we discussed on Thursday

Tonight's assignment -- Due Wednesday, 10/10

Chapter 4.1

Federalism & Division of Power



 Division of powers (74)

Delegated powers (75)

Reserved powers (77)

Exclusive powers (78)

Concurrent powers (78)


a.        What are the three kinds of powers delegated to the federal government? (75)

b.        How does the Supremacy Clause help resolve potential conflicts between the nation and the state governments? (78)

c.        What is the Supreme Court’s role in the federal system of government? (79)