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October 30

posted Oct 30, 2012, 5:50 AM by Peter Knowles   [ updated Oct 30, 2012, 6:25 AM ]
FIRST: Use last night's homework to do your best on this QUIZ

SECOND: After taking the quiz and checking your score (in your email) we'll be reviewing some of the key ideas from last night's assignment. As you wait for others to finish, you may want to test your own understanding of the Bill of Rights with either of this matching game.
Hard: Bill of Rights Match game (Choose Elementary for an easier game, of Secondary for a tougher one.)

THIRD: To learn more about the reason we have a Bill of Rights, we'll be watching a video and answering some questions using the Annenberg Classroom Bill of Rights video & quiz. You'll need headphones or earbuds to do this, so get some if you don't have some of your own. When you've finished the activity, call Mr. Knowles over to record your score.

FINALLY: When finished with the video and quiz, open a Google Doc called Bill of Rights, and use the File > Make a copy... to create a copy of the document that you can work with. You'll be using this document throughout much of the unit to build a better understanding of the Bill of Rights. 

HOMEWORK: Tonight's homework is on your handout: 

2. Freedom of Religion (19.2)



Level 1a) Establishment Clause (490) 
1b) Lemon Test (494) 
1c) Free Exercise Clause (496)
Level 2a) Why is it so difficult to determine “how high” the wall between Church and State should be? (490) 
2b) What area of American life have most Establishment Clause cases involved? (491) 
2c) What is the general rule regarding people’s right to worship the religion of their choice under the Free Exercise Clause? (496)