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November 5

posted Nov 5, 2012, 5:21 AM by Peter Knowles
If you have a ballot you'd like to turn in for our class voting, turn it in today.

You had homework last night: Any questions?

Now, if the Internet cooperates, we'll return to the slideshows you created last Thursday on Freedom of Religion. You and your partner(s) will have a chance to walk the class through your slideshow and explain the balancing act that the government must carry out between the Establishment and Free Exercise Clauses. 


5. Due Process of Law (20.1)



    Freedom & Security of Persons (20.2)


Level 1a)  due process (517)

1b) police power (519)

1c) probable cause (523)

1d) exclusionary rule (524)

Level 2a) What are the key differences between Procedural and Substantive Due Process? (518)

2b) What four areas may be the focus of a State’s legitimate police powers? (519)

2c) What is the basic question addressed by the 4th Amendment? (523)

2d) What are some areas that remain unresolved by courts when it comes to administering the ideas of the 4th amendment? (523-524)