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November 16

posted Nov 15, 2012, 8:47 PM by Peter Knowles
Last night's homework was the last one for this unit, which means review and a unit test are just around the corner. 
Hand in last night's homework, then get the three page handout of review questions to refresh your memory about the key ideas we've been talking about this unit. Work with ONE partner, if you like (or alone if you'd prefer) and a textbook to answer the matching, true/false, and multiple choice questions on the front of each chapter review. Then, be sure to answer the short answer and brief response questions on the back of each sheet. Because of a photocopying error, the chart for the back of Chapter 20 wasn't included; be sure to get a copy of the chart to go along with that question.

Work through the class period on this packet, then over the weekend for homework, if necessary, to have it finished by Monday's class. And as you work on it, keep track of the items, concepts, and ideas that you might need help with as we review next week.