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November 14

posted Nov 14, 2012, 6:06 AM by Peter Knowles
Today we'll keep looking at Rights of the Accused (528-535) and the assignment we started Thursday in class. Find your notes from Thursday's class so we can move efficiently through it and finish quickly. 

When finished we'll continue to look at last Friday's assignment on the 8th Amendment and capital punishment. The following articles all address different aspects of the topic. Read one of them, then be prepared to discuss what your learned with others. 
  1. The Death Penalty Debate
  2. Locked Away Forever
  3. Is life without parole "cruel and unusual" punishment?
  4. Oregon Governor cancels executions
  5. California voters choose to keep death penalty
  6. What does it cost?
Tonight's homework:

10. Federal Civil Rights Laws (21.3)



Level 1a) affirmative action

1b) quota

1c) reverse discrimination

Level 2a) What were the different areas of focus between the Civil Rights Acts of 1964 and1968? (556-557)

2b) How did the Bakke Case change the direction of recent legal decisions in the area of civil rights and discrimination? (558)