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January 23

posted Jan 23, 2013, 6:16 AM by Peter Knowles
Today is the semester Final

You can either take the multiple choice final test (65 pts)


Write an in-class essay explaining what you now know about American Government (65 pts)

Whichever one you choose, you may use any of YOUR notes, assignments, or information that YOU have created during the course. No textbooks, internet sources, or other students or outside sources allowed. This final should show what YOU know about American Government.

If you choose the essay, take a few minutes to review how it will be scored:

Introduction (5 pts)

Clear explanation/discussion of:

Unit 1: Presidential Elections / Electoral College  (10 pts)

Unit 2: Foundations of American Government (10 pts)

Unit 3: Civil Rights (10 pts)

Unit 4: State and Local Governments (10 pts)

Your own government elected officials (10 pts)

Conclusion  (5 pts)

Conventions  (5 pts)
If you write the essay, turn it in to the Assessment DropBox when done.

If you've brought your textbook to class, you can turn it in today. Otherwise, be sure to bring it tomorrow.