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January 2

posted Jan 2, 2013, 4:55 AM by Peter Knowles   [ updated Jan 2, 2013, 9:50 AM ]
Happy New Year! Welcome to 2013!
Learning Target ImageWhat will I be able to do when I've finished this lesson?   What idea, topic, or subject is important for me to learn and understand so that I can do this?   What will I do to show that I can do this? How well will I have to do this?
 I will be able to explain connections between a current event and the civil rights guaranteed in the Constitution to my peers.  

I need to identify how a current issue involving civil rights is related to the Constitution, and I need to understand how similar issues have been handled in the past.    
I will create a brief presentation for the class using information I gathered previously for an essay, then present my topic and work to the class. 
This is a summative assessment; I need to create a presentation and share it with the class, showing a high level of skill.

Take a look at the image at the left.

Do you know what it is all about?

Do you have any questions about what the Yeas, Nays, and NVs were dealing with?

Do you know what happens next?

We'll take a few minutes to talk about what our American Government was up to in the weeks since we've been together, so get ready with your questions and comments. 

Today we (hope to) finish presentations for those who didn't present before vacation. If you haven't presented yet, take a few minutes to review your work so you can present to the class.

HOMEWORK: Tonight we start our next unit with an assignment from the textbook.



ANSWER Questions


1. READ: The State Legislatures (24.1)


 in YOWP #2-6

Thursday, January 3, 2013, at the start of class. Not the 4th.