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January 14

posted Jan 14, 2013, 5:27 AM by Peter Knowles
Last night's homework was to learn about the services provided by county governments. 

5. Providing Important Services (25.1)



We'll start with any questions you might have about it, so ask 'em if you've got 'em.

Next, we'll look at the kind of services YOUR county provides by visiting the Klickitat County website and looking for specific information. 

Working with a partner, open a single copy of today's assignment then share a copy with your partner. Use the Klickitat County website to collect information. Remember to find the answers to the questions as well as the web address (URL) where you found it. 
Be sure to use the Klickitat County site as the source for ALL your answers (no fair Googling for them) because one of the things you need to know is 1) how useful the site is for someone who lives here and 2) how much of the information you need is there.
Some of the questions are easier to answer than others, but work with your partner, treat it like a scavenger hunt, and see how many you can answer by the end of the period.

Turn in your work in the DropBox before you leave. It's not homework if you don't finishm because....
You already have some of that!

Homework: Due tomorrow at the beginning of class

6. Financing State Government (25.2)

Pages 667-671

 Questions 1 & 2