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January 10

posted Jan 10, 2013, 5:51 AM by Peter Knowles

In class today you'll start tonight's homework with a special focus on three basic types of city government. There's a lot of information and subtle differences between the three types; to help you keep track of them and understand the differences, you and a partner will complete a series of charts using information from the text. 
Open a Read-only Google Doc called Cities and Metropolitan Areas then use File > Make a Copy.... to save a copy you can type in. You can share your copy with your partner, or each of you can have your own and complete them together. 
Follow the directions in the assignment to collect information about the three types of city government. Don't forget to use the graphics on the pages to help you understand how each type works. 

When finished, you can add tonight's assignment (below) to the same file, or you can answer the questions on a separate piece of paper. 


4. Cities and Metropolitan Areas (24.4)

pgs 650-657

questions 2,3,5,6

due 1/11