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Civics 1.1 Understand key ideals and principles of the United States, including those in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and other fundamental documents.

Use the chart on page 37 and the accompanying text to the left of the chart to answer the question with a partner:
Why weren't the Articles of Confederation successful in governing the new United States?

Use the Chapter in Brief on page 51 to collect key ideas from Chapter 2. Use the following process:
  1. Scan the headings, photographs, charts & other graphics in Section 4 (p 40-45)
  2. Read the 2-3 paragraph summary of the section on page 51
  3. Write a brief summary of your own as notes; share them with a partner to compare
  4. Define the following terms from the text:
    1. Virginia Plan (42)
    2. New Jersey Plan (43)
    3. Connecticut Compromise, aka the Great Compromise (43)
    4. Three-fifths Compromise (43-44)
    5. Commerce and Slave Trade Compromise (44)
Repeat this process for Section 2 (p 46-49)
Define the following terms from the text:
    1. ratification (your notes)
    2. Federalists (47)
    3. Anti-Federalists (47)

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