October 13

posted Oct 13, 2011, 9:12 AM by Peter Knowles
Advisory today includes a number of important activities:
  1. Begin by taking inventory of your portfolio. Move the colored sheet of paper that divides 9th grade work from 10th grade work on top of the 10th, to help divide it from what's to come.
  2. Add the 11th grade Portfolio Checklist to the front of your portfolio.
  3. Start planning your 11th grade goals
    1. Look back on what your goals were for 9th and 10th grade. How well did you do in achieving them? How difficult were they to achieve? Were they good reflections of the direction you needed to go at the time? 
    2. Think about where you want to go and what you want to do this year. 
    3. Begin drafting your three goals (Civics, Career, and Academic) for this year. Your final, typed versions will be due next week. 
  4. Complete your finished, typed goals adn put them in the front of your portfolio
  5. Complete a Community Service Survey