March 22

posted Mar 22, 2013, 5:55 AM by Peter Knowles
Today it's time to review last week's practice presentations, and get ready for the final presentations that will begin soon after we return from Spring Break. 

Get a 1/2 page handout with the dates and times available for your presentations, check your calendar, and choose your top 3 choices for dates. The time range is shown for each (April 10 is in the afternoon, the rest are all evenings) but exact time slots will be assigned within the dates you choose. In other words, you don't need to tell me what TIME you want, just which DATE.

Once you've made your choices and presentation times have been assigned, it's very, very hard to change. Judges will be coming from the community, and once they are scheduled, it's very hard to make adjustments. So make your choices after checking sports and work schedules, and other calendars that might have conflicts with the presentation. 

After you've made your choices and have turned your choices in, there are many other things to work on during advisory:
  • Community Service Hours -- How are you doing? Do you have 30 or more documented, in your portfolio?
  • Student-Led Conference Reflection -- due a few weeks ago, but there are still many missing
  • Best Work #3 -- Due in this week (we won't meet as a group next Friday, and it's due by Spring Break, so do it today); get it done!
  • Senior Project  -- review you scoring rubric from Mr Knowles, work on fine tuning, get ready. 
ALSO: A survey/question from the Yearbook, and odds and ends to be handed out.