February 10

posted Feb 10, 2012, 5:33 AM by Peter Knowles
Today our focus is getting ready for next week's conferences. You'll want to make sure your portfolio is neat and up-to-date, and spend some time going over its contents so everything is in the right place and you know where everything is. (Part of your success in a conference is not spending a lot of time looking for things, and focusing on what you have to say instead). 
Make sure you have:
Your typed goals sheet at the front of your portfolio. You'll want to begin your conference talking about those, as much of your conference will focus on how well you're doing in meeting them.

Fill out the Script Outline to help you plan what you'll focus on in each area of the conference. 

Turn in your forecasting sheet so Mr. Knowles has it when the conference arrives.

NOTE: Your test scores and attendance information will be available in your Learning Plan, which you'll get Tuesday morning.