April 26

posted Apr 26, 2013, 5:06 AM by Peter Knowles
Can you believe it? We have only TWO MORE advisory meetings after today. That's not a lot of time left. And some of you have much more to do:
  • High School and Beyond Plan -- You wrote it in English class. You MUST have a copy of it in your portfolio. This is a state graduation requirement. Turn your HSB Plan in to the basket so Mr Knowles can read it and check it off your list. 
  • Community Service Hours -- How are you doing? Do you have 30 or more documented, in your portfolio? If not, what are your plans? THIS WEEKEND there's lots of opportunities to pick up hours -- Friday, Silent Auction at Whitson Elementary; Saturday, Community Pride Cleanup in Bingen; Bike park cleanup in White Salmon (by the ball fields behind Thriftway). Let Mr Knowles know if you need contact information. 
  • Student-Led Conference Reflection -- due over a MONTH ago, but there are still many missing
  • Best Work #3 & Reflective Essay-- Due before Spring Break but many are still missing. 
  • Senior Project  -- So you passed your presentation? Great. How about the rest of the paperwork -- Time Log with adult/mentor signatures, Mentor paperwork... It should all be done by now. Take it off your list of things to do... turn it in.
  • Best Work #4 & Reflective Essay is due May 10. What's yours going to be? Get it done early if you can, then sit back and relax.
Sign the Thank You cards for your senior project judges. Get started on your Thank You notes to mentors. 
And think about graduation. Will you be a part of it? Get a handout about speeches, music, and other items related to the June 8 Ceremonies.